Zanele Muholi’s Elements of Survival

c South African Zanele Muholi’s photographs directly address resistance and tension between individual and community. Specifically, Muholi refers to the lives and loves of people who are black and lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and intersex (LGBTI), aiming her project toward establishing and preserving “black queer visibility.” In the process, Muholi produces photographic images that refer to—and […] link to full article

The New Danger of the Pure Idea

c Kerry James Marshall’s (b.1955) Who‘s Afraid of Red, Black and Green are pictures so visually imposing they may terrify some of their viewers. The three canvases, produced in 2012, vary in size, surface quality, orientation, and level of figural depiction. The picture’s immersive scale and structure challenge the viewer’s perception to the point of intimidation. […] link to full article

‘I who speak here am’

c Farhana and Kholofelo (2012) is one of an ongoing series of domestic portrait photographs by Jared Thorne (b. 1982). Thorne is an American who has been living in South Africa since 2010. Upon his return to the United States, these pictures will function as remembrance of his personal encounters. So these portraits appear out of personal incentives. Remarkably, viewers of these photographs gain more than just a candid snapshot or a fleeting expression. Thus these pictures demand further investigation, and for several reasons. For one, the portraits result from a long and self-conscious process of collaboration with the sitters. For another, the portraits are made in ways that engage longstanding photographic conventions. Perhaps the third reason is most influential: the pictures are composed to provoke an investigative sort of viewing. link to full article