Exhibition Avelokiteshivara June 2014

New Paintings (on Avalokitesvara) is an exhibition of artworks by Raél Jero Salley.

The exhibition is held in Sattva Studio, situated in the Brentwood neighborhood of Los Angeles, California, USA.

This one-night show begins at 7pm on 21 June 2014 and provides visitors a rare opportunity to view and buy exceptional pieces from an internationally acclaimed artist.

New Paintings displays a range of inventive paintings that explore the interface between the self and the human condition through floating, saturated colour. Salley is an artist, art historian and Senior Lecturer at The University of Cape Town, South Africa. These works were produced during a period of travel and encounter, and draw upon tradition to question conventions of representation. Inspired by meditative practices, personal events and art histories, these vibrant paintings call to mind works by artists such as Alma Thomas, Mark Rothko, Sean Scully, Frank Bowling, and Sam Gilliam.

Salley’s new paintings resist explanation and mobilize ambiguity while referring to Avalokitesvara, a Mahayana bohisattva known as “the master who gazes deeply at the world.” Salley’s attention to formal elements of colour and balance belie an interest in such concerns.

A percentage of sales go to Sattva’s community and charity services (www.sattvayogala.com/seva/). These paintings link to the cutting edge of contemporary art making, and offer visitors an array of different ways to look and experience. This is the first solo exhibition of Salley’s distinctive artwork in Los Angeles.